As predicted DHA Bahawalpur at 33 lacs today

As predicted DHA Bahawalpur at 33 lacs today.


Just couple of weeks ago I strongly recommended DHA Bahawalpur as strong buy at 27 in WhatsApp groups than here on www, web page as well when at 28.5 lacs sensing it wont be catch-able any more soon.


Buyers were told it will hit 35 to 37 lacs in less than 90 days even in this very confused market where other propertyies will not match gains of DHA Bahawalpur. Told each buyer it could jump to 35 to 37 lacs in just few days and max in 90 days even after going no where in last one past year. Allah ney phir izzat rakh le. Thanks to Allah for being so kind every time.



Why I said this will happen was explained in great detail in this post posted here on web recently and posted not in all but in 100s LRE groups in past 2 to 4 weeks.


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CMY replied on Thursday, June 23, 2016 03:40 AM PST


For past few weeks sending this to LRE friends via WhatsApp

All friends are informed Lahore Real Estate is now actively dealing in DHA Bahwalpur.

LRE dont see any price fall any more in DHA Bahwalpur as most installments files held by get rich quick guys and weak holders or weak hearted are alrady sold in market. Most people that could not afford even down payments are now gone out of it. There have been good progress on new land take over purchases and some development work is now actually visible on ground in DHA Bahwalpur . I am attaching pictures too. So it proves management of DHA Bahwalpur is very serious to make this project a very profitable investment for Lahore Real Estate clients in short term for trading or for long term holding. In past told you many times we were also holding to deal in DHA Bahwalpur because we were short on staff and time and travel needed for transfer in Bahawalpur. After many many personal requests to make it possible for DHA Bahwalpur to be easily trade able transferable it must be transfered online in Lahore like Bahria Town etc . We are happy to inform you that DHA Bahwalpur is now transfered in Lahore as well now and will be transferable in Karachi and Islamabad very soon inshaAllah. All these superb steps make it possible for 1000s of dealers and 10000s new buyers to buy a pure military project DHA Bahwalpur as an investment. We have been buying DHA Bahwalpur for all our trusting clients quietly for past one one month and especially since transfer office is opened in Lahore in 1st week of June 2016. I have also been recommending it to my clients in LRE WhatsApp groups for past 4 weeks. In past we beet the drums for good investments in open public too early and all my long term clients had to pay many lacs more due to this because 100s dealers rush into baina/ tokens etc or other estates sold their clients more plots than Lahore Real Estate because we could not serve them in sudden rise in clients buying requests. This time we bought them files first but letting you know well ahead but now very little time left before major price jump is very likely just like in DHA Multan I told you before hand it was gong to gain 10 lacs in days time after years of slow trading. In DHA Bahwalpur in next 90 days a 5 to 7 lacs price gain in this dead market is very likely so be ready for it.Insha Allah. Its still possible to buy it in hurry because not every one is in LRE WhatsApp groups or Lahore Real Estate website visitors. You dont have to live there in EDHA Bahwalpur on developed plots. When your investments gained enough you can easily sell that and buy back a plot in Lahore DHA again for living purpose. Gains are likely to be more in DHA Bahwalpur short term and possible in long term because current prices in DHA Bahwalpur are very very low. In Lahore you cant find a plot of 5 marla under 30 lacs but in DHA Bahwalpur a one kanal plot can be had under 30 lacs. It will be lot easir to double 30 lacs in DHA Bahwalpur than in 5 marla plot in Lahore. I wish DHA city Lahore transfer was opened because that one can gain more but until than lets some easy enjoy gains in DHA Bahwalpur. Here is every thing you need to know about DHA Bahwalpur. DHA Bahawalpur total installments plots to date : 1 Kanal Plots: 1279 10 Marla Plots: 5192 Total combined Only Installments Plots : 6471 It is estimated less than 500 land files are issued to date. 1000s of kanal land was gifted to DHA Bahawalpur for military allotments of plots after ballot for plot numbers. At this time we dont know when a ballot will be held. Some development work have been started on main gate and main boulevard. We have pictures and video of it. Expected deliver of plots 3 to 4 years from today from June 2016. Land files yesterday rate is 29.5 lacs and rising every day for past few days. Please must call for latest rates as it could change even hourly and be higher or lower. Cost of transfer of land file is Rs 6500 for transfer fee + membership fee 37080. Allocation files not available in market as no buyers willing to sell this early after affidavit files purchases. Lahore Real Estate fee will be fixed at 1% of land file current price , For Example like Rs 29500 for today land file price. Lahore Real Estate can also offer you DHA Bahwalpur plots in installments from sellers in market. 10 Marla Installments plots total cost at booking = 22 lacs Installment paid every 3 months: Each 1.65 lacs x 12 = 19.80 lacs Down Payment Was Paid By Sellers = 2.20 lacs Processing Fee Paid By Sellers 8000 Membership Fee Paid By Sellers 37,080 Sellers are demanmding 2.25 lacs profit as of today on top of full 265080 cost to date paid by them other than installments. A buyer will need to pay sellers RS 265080 + 225000 as profit + 1st installment + transfer fees + membership fee of buyer. Buyers and sellers will pay one percent of plots total price like 24000 for ten marla Rs 40000 for kanal instalments plot. 1 Kanal Total Cost At Booking : 38 lacs Down Payment Made By sellers : 3.8 Lacs Processing Fee Paid By Sellers 8000 Membership Fee Paid By Sellers 37,080 Installment paid every 3 months: Each 2.85 Lacs x 12 = 34.20 Lacs Sellers are demanding 3.25 lacs profit as of today on top of full Rs 425080 cost to date paid by them other than installments. A buyer will need to pay sellers RS 425080 + 325000 as profit + 1st installment + transfer fees + membership fee of buyer. These are current transfer fees after July 1st 2016 they will change. Please check current fees from us or DHA Bahwalpur at that time.

10 marla installments plots transfer fee is 64680 for tax payers and 66180 non tax files ( Fee includes taxes like CVT CGT Stamp Duty etc)

1 kanal installments plots transfer fee is 106180 for tax payers and 109180 non tax files ( Fee includes taxes like CVT CGT Stamp Duty etc)


For affifavit land cash files current membership fee is Rs 37,080 and will not be changed after Rs July 1st 2016


For installments plots of 1 kanal or 10 marla current membership fee is Rs 22830 only till 30 June, 2016 and will change. From 1 July 2016 both For all files like land cash affidavit/allocations or installments files transfer membership fee will be Rs 37,080 .


DHA Bahawalpur files are now transferable in Lahore. Soon they will be transferable in Karachi and Islamabad too. A buyer dont have to tran=vel to Pakistan to buy these. DHA Bahwalpur legaly allow on behalf transfer to buyers. Call us for details how to proceed safely for a smooth transfer. Be very careful here just like DHA Multan too many frauds in market offering lower rates and than they disappear with your token money without any transfers. Please dont call me afterward what should I do now. Be smart now. Its your right to check price from market but buy files from Lahore Real Estate only that is DHA authorized estate for 13 years. If we cant offer you best price no one can do it. We work harder than you to find you best possible prices. Risking few lacs for 2000 or 3000 less price is not worth. We pay little higher to get files from time tested people. You dont have that opportunity to test a sellers before hand.


At Lahore Real Estate best person to contact for buying selling DHA Bahwalpur files is Tariq Rahim + . Try to SMS /call him on regular phone in addition to WhatsApp and LINE etc . Please contact him directly with full confidence. Tariq Rahim is very busy person as handle all transfers in DHA Lahore as well. For any reason if you are unable to get a response from him within 24 hours please do inform me assign you a new Team LRE member asap.

Choudry Mujahid Yasin ( CMY )